Waste Management & Decommissioning Services

WTI pro­vides plan­ning of radio­ac­tive waste ma­nage­ment - mainly in coope­ra­tion with GNS - and is engaged in al­most all German de­com­mis­sio­ning pro­jects. 

WTI offers en­gi­nee­ring ser­vi­ces from packa­ging design for radio­ac­tive waste to do­cu­men­ta­tion ser­vi­ces of waste pack­ages for inte­rim and final sto­rage.

Packa­ging con­cept for ac­ti­va­ted core com­po­nents (under­water packa­ging)

Sys­tems en­gi­nee­ring for fil­ling of a reactor vessel with concrete prior to dis­mant­ling

WTI deve­lops con­cepts for tech­ni­cal so­lu­tions and pro­vi­des sa­fe­ty analyses for de­com­mis­sio­ning pro­jects in­clu­ding pre­pa­ra­tion of do­cu­ments for nuclear li­cen­sing pro­ce­dures.

Main topics

  • De­ve­lop­ment of dis­po­sal con­cepts (dis­mant­ling, pa­cka­ging, re­mo­val)
  • De­ve­lop­ment of pa­cka­ging concepts for ra­dioac­tive waste
  • Do­cu­men­ta­tion of waste packa­ges
  • Cal­cu­la­tion of ra­dioac­tive in­ven­tory and de­duc­tion of release rates for ra­dioac­tive waste packa­ges
  • Sto­rage fa­ci­li­ty ma­na­ge­ment (lo­gis­tics, handling procedures, opti­mised uti­li­sation)
  • De­ve­lop­ment of mea­sure­ment de­vi­ces
  • Assistance in li­cen­sing pro­ce­dures, main­te­nance ser­vi­ces during post ope­ra­tion and de­com­mis­sio­ning
  • Pre­pa­ra­tion and support as well as di­gi­ta­li­sa­tion of manuals for ope­ra­ting and de­com­mis­sio­ning of nuclear fa­ci­li­ties


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