WTI - Wissenschaftlich-Technische Ingenieurberatung GmbH

Waste Management & Decommissioning Services

WTI provides planning of radioactive waste management - mainly in cooperation with GNS - and is engaged in almost all German decommissioning projects.
WTI offers engineering services from packaging design for radioactive waste to documentation services of waste packages for interim and final storage.
Packaging concept for activated core components (underwater packaging)
Systems engineering for filling of a reactor vessel with concrete prior to dismantling
WTI develops concepts and technical solutions and provides safety analyses for decommissioning projects including preparation of documents for nuclear licensing procedures.
Main topics
Development of disposal concepts (dismantling, packaging, removal)
Development of packaging concepts for radioactive waste
Documentation of waste packages
Calculation of radioactive inventory and deduction of release rates for radioactive waste packages
Storage facility management (logistics, optimised utilisation)
Development of measurement devices
Assistance in licensing procedures, maintenance services during post operation and decommissioning
Preparation and support as well as digitalisation of manuals for operating and decommissioning of nuclear facilities
References Decommissioning Projects