WTI - Wissenschaftlich-Technische Ingenieurberatung GmbH

Engineering & Construction Planning

WTI performs planning and engineering services for new plants and reconstruction projects in the nuclear field.

The engineering services do not only comprise planning services and pre-paration of application documents but also include project controlling, supervision and turn key construction.
Main topics
Building design, conceptual design, project engineering and supervision during construction, general engineering services
Process engineering, plant construction with documentation of the equipment, design of ventilation systems
Reconstruction and decommissioning planning
Structural engineering, structural analysis, 2D- and 3D-engineering, coordination of system interfaces
Design of facilities for the storage of spent fuel in casks and for the storage of radioactive waste

WTI-Storage Facility Design with separated halls for the combined storage of spent fuel in CASTOR®-casks and radioactive waste in containers
Planning of Storage Facilities (WTI-Design)
Optimized construction made of in-situ concrete and prefabricated parts with pillars and roof frames
Passive cooling by natural convection with air inlets and outlets
Arrangement of casks in an array or tight arrangement, depending on the thermal output of the casks
References Planning of waste storage facilities
References Planning of onsite interim storage facilities for fuel assemblies

Project controlling and inspection
during construction of independent
spent fuel storage facilities